Damage & Insurance

You want to report a damage to the scooter or would like to know how you are insured with emmy?

Damage to the scooter

My scooter is damaged. What do I do?

If you notice damage to your scooter, please click “Report damage” in the app. There you’ll find an overview of all damage that has previously been reported for that scooter. If the damage you discovered isn’t listed, please select the appropriate damage report or add a personal comment and then click “Send”.

In the event of any damage related to safety and in urgent cases, please call us immediately at: +43 720 8824 63.

Rental problems

What do I do if you have issues starting and ending my rental?

Please call our service hotline at: +43 720 8824 63.


What type of insurance coverage do I have?
When you ride our scooters, you are covered by liability and comprehensive insurance. In the event of damage, you are liable for up to 350 EUR (Govecs Schwalbe, Torrot Muvi, NIU NQi Series), provided the damage was not intentional or caused through gross negligence.


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